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Logan Lucky Trailer

Channing Tatum and Daniel Craig star in this heist comedy directed by Steven Soderbergh, who’s come out of retirement…

Sing Trailer

This animated musical sees a world populated by animals, who are vying for a huge prize in a singing competition…

Ted 2 Red-Band Trailer

Mark Wahlberg returns in this comedy and this round Ted is fighting the courts to be recognised as a real person…

New! Teaser Poster For Ted 2

2012’s “Ted”caught audiences and critics by surprise by how watchable it was. No small feat considering it was the brainchild of the terribly inconsistent Seth MacFarlane. The comedy was a big hit, so naturally a sequel is in order. A trailer will be out soon, but today we do have our first poster from “TedContinue Reading

First Look! Comedy Sequel Ted 2

Comedian Seth MacFarlane’s “Ted” was a big hit, earning over $500 million worldwide, which makes it one of the most successful R-rated comedies of all-time. Naturally, a sequel is to be expected. Not much has been revealed about the plot of “Ted 2”, but we do know that Mark Wahlberg’s character and Ted employ aContinue Reading

A Million Ways To Die In The West Red-Band Trailer

From the juvenile mind behind “Ted” comes this new comedy set in the Wild West about a cowardly sheep farmer who must find his courage to face a deadly outlaw…

First Look! Character Posters For Comedy Western A Million Ways To Die In The West

Seth MacFarlane scored the biggest hit of his career with “Ted”, about a guy and his best friend a talking teddy bear. Following up on that slightly absurd brand of humour, MacFarlane’s next one is a comedy set in the Old Wild West called “A Million Ways To Die In The West”. We’ll post theContinue Reading

Oscars Host Seth MacFarlane In 4 Promo Spots

In case you didn’t know, Seth MacFarlane, the guy behind TV’s “The Family Guy” and “Ted”, will be hosting the Oscars. That’s an unusual choice, but at least the Academy is trying new things to bring in the viewership, which has been steadily dropping in the last decade. This morning, MacFarlane and actress Emma StoneContinue Reading