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Atomic Blonde Red-Band Trailer

Charlize Theron stars in this comic book adaptation from the director of “John Wick”, about a deadly female spy during the Cold War…

Charlize Theron To Star In Graphic Novel Adaptation Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is one those rare actresses who has managed to balance prestige fare (Oscar winner for “Monster”) with blockbuster-type stuff (“Mad Max: Fury Road”). Now, she’s signed for another one in the latter category. Theron is taking the starring role in “Atomic Blonde”, an adaptation of the Oni Press graphic novel by writer AntonyContinue Reading

The Mummy Teaser Trailer

Tom Cruise stars in this update of the classic Universal monster franchise, with a female Mummy unleashing hell on modern-day Earth…

New! On-Set Pics Reveal Sofia Boutella As The Mummy

After Universal Pictures’ last botched attempts at turning one of their classic monsters into a lasting franchise, they’re at it again with “The Mummy”. This time, the studio’s put a modern spin on it, and they’ve gotten Tom Cruise to headline. Needless to say, they’ve got big hopes for this as the kickoff for aContinue Reading

Star Trek Beyond’s Sulu Revealed To Be Gay

Well, here’s one way to drum up attention for your movie. Previously, Paramount Pictures was accused by fans and industry pundits for not doing enough to promote “Star Trek Beyond”. Well, not only did the studio announce a series of events in conjunction with the property’s 50th anniversary this year, they also dropped a bigContinue Reading

New! Star Trek Beyond Character Posters

Slowly but surely, the promo machine for “Star Trek Beyond” is cranking up. With the latest trailer finally managing to drum up real anticipation for the movie (unlike previous footage), could fans hope for a good Trek movie on the franchise’s 50th anniversary? Sure, why not. And now, Paramount has released a whole batch ofContinue Reading

Star Trek Beyond Full Trailer

Captain Kirk and his crew are left without a ship, and surrounded by hostile aliens in this new film from the director of the “Fast & Furious” series…

Official Story Details For The Mummy Remake Revealed

Late last week, Russell Crowe was officially confirmed to join the cast of “The Mummy” reboot. He shares the screen with fellow A-lister Tom Cruise in the directorial debut of “Transformers” scribe Alex Kurtzman. While that doesn’t sound very encouraging, the cast is at least quite enticing. We have Crowe reportedly playing Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde,Continue Reading