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First Look! On-Set Look At Spidey’s Costume In Spider-Man: Homecoming

One of the highlights of Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: Civil War” turned out to be a certain wall-crawler, on loan from Sony Pictures. As you know, the two studios are in a joint venture to feature Spidey across both cinematic universes, with a rebooted series of solo outings starting with “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. Filming for thatContinue Reading

First Look! Set Pics Of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Production for the Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures joint venture “Spider-Man: Homecoming” officially started yesterday. Shooting is currently underway in Atlanta, Georgia and will continue until mid-September. And we’ve got a couple of early looks! First, Peter Parker himself, aka Tom Holland, teased us with an on-set image of his chair. Meanwhile, Just Jared managedContinue Reading

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks New Spider-Man Movie

After the excitement of last week where Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures jointly announced Tom Holland as their new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, we now have some minor updates. Today, Birth Movies Death managed to speak to Marvel boss Kevin Feige, who likened the tone of the upcoming Spidey reboot to a John Hughes film. In caseContinue Reading

New Actor & Director Confirmed For New Spider-Man Movie

As you now know, Sony Pictures screwed up the Spider-Man franchise so badly that they had to reboot it yet again, and this time they roped in Marvel Studios to collaborate. But things didn’t go too smoothly, with the two studios butting heads over their choice of who would play your friendly neighborhood Peter Parker.Continue Reading

Sony Pictures To Adapt Comicbook Zombies vs Robots For Big Screen

Traditionally, any movie with a “vs” in its title was seen as low-budget crap. There are exceptions, with next year’s “Batman v Superman” the biggest example. Now, Sony Pictures is trying its hand at the concept with an adaptation of the IDW comic boom series “Zombies vs. Robots”. Actually, that match-up alone has me intrigued.Continue Reading

Robotech Adaptation Confirmed As A Film Franchise

Last year, we reported that 80s anime series “Robotech” would be getting a big screen adaptation. Since then, it appeared that development had stalled. That’s not really the case, as today The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that not only is the project still on, Sony Pictures has some pretty big plans for it. TheyContinue Reading

Capt America: Winter Soldier Directors Working On New Ghostbusters Movie

Whoa. This comes outta nowhere. We all know that “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig is doing an all-female reboot of “Ghostbusters” that has no connection to the world previously established in the 1984 classic. And that hasn’t gone down too well with a lot of fans, myself included. But now, it seems like Sony Pictures hasContinue Reading

Breaking! Marvel Studios Seals Deal With Sony For Co-Use Of Spider-Man

Holy moly, it’s really happening! After months of intense speculation, we are finally going to see Spider-Man appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! The two studios have just come to an agreement that Spidey will feature in an upcoming Marvel movie, then Marvel Studios will collaborate with Sony Pictures in future developments of solo featureContinue Reading