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Russo Bros Talk New Take On Spider-Man

Every comic book fan is excited or at least curious to see the fruit of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios’ collaboration in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War”, when Spider-Man finally joins the MCU. But to date, we’ve no idea how much of the web-slinger we’ll see in the film, especially since it’s already soContinue Reading

Kevin Feige Talks Marvel’s Phase Three Movies

This year, Marvel Studios’ Phase Three kicks off with “Captain America: Civil War”. It promises to lead into the biggest, most far-reaching phase yet, both in terms of scope and implication. Empire mag managed to speak to studio head Kevin Feige to get some details on what to expect. First, the question arose about possibleContinue Reading

Tom Holland On Playing Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man

When it comes to Spider-Man, anyone making a new movie version will have tonnes of baggage to deal with, in addition to the incredibly vast amount of material from the comic book’s history. When Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios decided to share this most precious property between them, fans were understandably happy, though there stillContinue Reading

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks New Spider-Man Movie

After the excitement of last week where Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures jointly announced Tom Holland as their new Peter Parker/Spider-Man, we now have some minor updates. Today, Birth Movies Death managed to speak to Marvel boss Kevin Feige, who likened the tone of the upcoming Spidey reboot to a John Hughes film. In caseContinue Reading

New Actor & Director Confirmed For New Spider-Man Movie

As you now know, Sony Pictures screwed up the Spider-Man franchise so badly that they had to reboot it yet again, and this time they roped in Marvel Studios to collaborate. But things didn’t go too smoothly, with the two studios butting heads over their choice of who would play your friendly neighborhood Peter Parker.Continue Reading

Kevin Feige Reveals Details About Marvel’s Spider-Man

After all that ranting, raving and speculation, Marvel Studios has decided to step in once and for all to address the issue of Spider-man in their cinematic universe. As you know by now, the movie rights to the web-crawler is held by Sony Pictures, but after the studio’s last fumble in bringing him to theContinue Reading

Breaking! Marvel Studios Seals Deal With Sony For Co-Use Of Spider-Man

Holy moly, it’s really happening! After months of intense speculation, we are finally going to see Spider-Man appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! The two studios have just come to an agreement that Spidey will feature in an upcoming Marvel movie, then Marvel Studios will collaborate with Sony Pictures in future developments of solo featureContinue Reading

Sony Pictures Officially Announces Venom & Sinister Six Spinoff Films

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. That’s what the people who own the rights to comicbook villain Venom have been preaching, and now practicing. After studio interference screwed up the character of Eddie Brock/Venom in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3”, they’re now hoping to do things right. Sony today officially announced what industryContinue Reading