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First Look! Cast Of Han Solo Movie On Set

The upcoming “Star Wars” spinoff movie about Han Solo still hasn’t got an official title yet (will they go for the obvious “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story”?) but principal photography has already begun. Today, Lucasfilm announced the start of production, and to mark the occasion they released the very first photo from the set!Continue Reading

Star Wars Goes Rogue

Plagued by reshoots and uncertainty over whether it would work as a spinoff, does “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” overcome or succumb to its issues?…

Margot Robbie Reuniting With David Ayer For Gotham City Sirens

While “Suicide Squad” wasn’t quite the redeeming factor that Warner Bros wanted for its DCEU movies, it made quite a pile of cash so a sequel is already in the works. Beyond that, its director and star found working together such a positive experience that they’re now retiming for another DC comic book adaptation. TheContinue Reading

Sicario Sequel Is Actually A Spinoff

Denis Villeneuve’s “Sicario” was one of the best films of last year. It was also a perfectly self-contained story, so not many saw the need for a sequel. And yet, earlier this year it was announced that Stefano Sollima would be taking on the follow-up, called “Soldado”. The story was said to focus on BenicioContinue Reading

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Featurette & International Trailer

This behind the scenes piece emphasises the fact that this is set before the events of “A New Hope”. Plus, the international trailer that hints at a major plot detail…

Fantastic Beasts Was Originally Conceived As Mock-Documentary

With the “Harry Potter” franchise having made over US$8 billion worldwide, more movies were pretty much a no-brainer for Warner Bros. But since authour JK Rowling didn’t have any more stories (then), the studio went for a spinoff that she did indeed write. But apparently, the movie adaptation might’ve gone in a very different direction.Continue Reading

Rogue One To Feature New Imperial Droid

Droids are a regular fixture in the world of “Star Wars”. We’re used to seeing them serving the good guys, but the Imperial Empire aka the bad guys also have countless droids in their service. And in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, looks like we’ll finally get to see an Imperial droid featuring prominently.Continue Reading

X-Men Producer Gives Updates On New Mutants Spinoff

Late last year, we brought you word that 20th Century Fox was planning to do the “X-Men” spinoff “The New Mutants”. Today, we’ve got some updates. The massive success of “Deadpool” has probably encouraged the studio to kick things into higher gear regarding all things mutant-related (with the exception of the once-again delayed “Gambit”). “TheContinue Reading