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Star Wars EpVII Gets An Official Title

After months of having to call it “Episode VII”, director JJ Abrams’ new “Star Wars” sequel finally has an official title. And it is… I gotta say, I like it. It’s catchy, it’s instantly “Star Wars” with the use of the word “The Force” and I can see it alluding to a number of ideasContinue Reading

Video: Ewok Actor Warwick Davis Will Appear In Star Wars EpVII

I know a lot of fans hate the Ewoks, but I never had a problem with them and I still have a soft spot for those little furballs. Wicket, the most famous Ewok of them all, was played by Brit actor Warwick Davis in “Return Of The Jedi”. He went on to star in twoContinue Reading

Video: Star Wars EpVII Teases Close-up Of Millennium Falcon

By now, you may have seen the numerous back & forth’s between “Batman v Superman” director Zack Snyder and “Star Wars Episode VII” director JJ Abrams, where each one has been posting images of their respective films with visual elements of the other’s. The last round is the pic you see above, where Gotham policeContinue Reading

Mark Hamill Reveals His Elder Jedi Look For Star Wars EpVII

After Harrison Ford broke his leg on the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII”, filming was shut down until he recovered. As it turns out, the production was interrupted only for 2 weeks. So things are up and running again. And as if to welcome fans back to the process, star Mark Hamill today postedContinue Reading

JJ Abrams Reveals X-Wing In Star Wars Episode VII Video Message

While director JJ Abrams is notorious for shrouding his productions under intense secrecy, he does let fans into the process in small but satisfying ways. The latest glimpse into “Star Wars: Episode VII” is a video that Abrams just did to promote the ongoing charity campaign “Star Wars: Force For Change”. And it reveals someContinue Reading

Harrison Ford Injured On Set Of Star Wars EpVII

Can’t say this is terribly surprising, though it’s no less alarming. Harrison Ford has reportedly gotten injured while filming his scenes as Han Solo in the upcoming “Star Wars” sequel. Here’s the official statement: “Harrison Ford sustained an ankle injury during filming today on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. He was taken toContinue Reading

Mark Hamill Talks Star Wars EpVII

Yes, that is Mark Hamill hamming it up for the camera, along with Jedi Mickey. I gotta say, he’s looking much fitter, and that is in preparation for his upcoming film role. For most fans, there was hardly any doubt that Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker would return to that galaxy far, far away. Recent castingContinue Reading

Oscar Winning Actress Joins Star Wars EpVII Cast

When the cast list for director JJ Abrams’ “Star Wars Episode VII” was first announced, morons on the net started whining about how there were barely any women and non-Whites in the film. The hue & cry got pretty big in fact. I call these people morons simply because of their knee-jerk reactionary attitudes. TheContinue Reading