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Star Wars Celebration Pays Tribute To Carrie Fisher

Hard to believe, but “Star Wars” is 40 years old this year. So Star Wars Celebration that just kicked off at Orlando right now is extra meaningful. Lucasfilm held a “40 Years of Star Wars” panel last night, and among the many highlights (like live appearances by most of the cast and key figures likeContinue Reading

First Look! Cast Of Han Solo Movie On Set

The upcoming “Star Wars” spinoff movie about Han Solo still hasn’t got an official title yet (will they go for the obvious “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story”?) but principal photography has already begun. Today, Lucasfilm announced the start of production, and to mark the occasion they released the very first photo from the set!Continue Reading

R2-D2 Actor Kenny Baker Dead At 81

Man, 2016 continues to be an absolutely brutal year for celebrity deaths that actually mean something to movie fans like myself. On Saturday, The Guardian broke the upsetting news that veteran actor Kenny Baker, best known for playing lovable Astromech droid R2-D2 in six “Star Wars” films, had passed away. He was 81. When heContinue Reading

Star Wars Prequel Character Will Appear In Rogue One

When Walt Disney Pictures acquired Lucasfilm, it was assumed that they’d try to distance themselves from George Lucas’ poorly-regarded prequel trilogy. This was seen as a wise move, and true enough, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” had almost zero acknowledgement of those movies. But now, it looks like Lucasfilm isn’t entirely disregarding the prequels. ActorContinue Reading

Han Solo Movie Will Also Feature Chewbacca’s Origin Story

Among the many “Star Wars” movies in development, one of the most talked-about would be the Han Solo spinoff. Disney/Lucasfilm hired Phil Lord and Chris Miller (“The LEGO Movie”) to write and direct, which is a pretty encouraging sign that we’ll be getting a young Solo with all the wit and charm that we knowContinue Reading

The Lego Movie Directors To Do Han Solo Movie

Whoa, BIG news today! While Lucasfilm has confirmed that they’re not going to feature any footage from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at this weekend’s SDCC, the studio has gone ahead and dropped a big announcement anyway. “The LEGO Movie” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been officially signed on to direct a ‚ÄúStarContinue Reading

Director Josh Trank Exits Star Wars Boba Fett Film

It was only a matter of time. There’d been lots of talk behind the scenes of the “Fantastic Four” reboot directed by Josh Trank (“Chroncle”). Most of it negative in nature — especially regarding Trank’s conduct — which, according the The Hollywood Reporter saw him “indecisive and uncommunicative at times”. This angered many people workingContinue Reading

Screenwriter For Star Wars Spin-off Departs Film

We know that director Gareth Edwards has been working on a standalone “Star Wars” film that spin offs in its own direction, with characters that sources say are of the bounty hunter profession. Well, that’s just a rumour, but it’s an exciting one. The film is said to be a heist film involving the theftContinue Reading