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The Dark Tower Trailer

This ambitious adaptation of the Stephen King novels sees a legendary gunslinger taking on a mysterious Man in Black over the fate of the world…

First Look! Posters For Stephen King Adaptation The Dark Tower

Fans of Stephen King’s dark fantasy/sci-fi/Western/horror epic “The Dark Tower” have been waiting a long time for a movie adaptation. After several false starts and stalled attempts, it seemed as though it would never see the light of day. But somehow, Columbia Pictures have managed to wrangle it into shape as an ambitious big-budget production.Continue Reading

Viral Prank For Carrie Remake Goes Telekinetic

Viral marketing stunts can be pretty hit or miss. I’d give this one a pass, simply cos it’s amusing. Though the “victims”* of this prank must’ve been far from amused when they saw this. Check out this video of the promotional stunt for the “Carrie” remake, created by viral video marketing agency Thinkmodo. Here’s whatContinue Reading

Carrie Film Clip: “Go To Your Closet”

A remake of the classic horror film based on Stephen King’s novel. This clip sees a young girl in an oppressive environment beginning to exhibit signs of a frightening power…

Carrie Full Trailer

The remake of the Stephen King story is about a bullied and repressed girl who unleashes telekinetic revenge on her tormentors after being pushed too far…

Writers Trailer

This family drama centres around a novelist reeling from a broken marriage and how it impacts his children who’re also aspiring writers…

John Cusack To Star In Stephen King’s Cell

Hollywood never seems to tire of adapting Stephen King stories. The latest one is “Cell”, and Shocktilyoudrop today reported that John Cusack has signed on to play the lead role. Cusack is no stranger to horror, having starred in the under-rated “1408”, and last year’s ill-fated “The Raven”. Speaking of ill-fated, let’s hope this projectContinue Reading

First Look! Carrie Remake Teaser Poster

Comig-of-age tales don’t come any more tragic — and horrifying — than “Carrie”. The 1976 horror is considered a classic. So naturally, Hollywood decided to remake it. The new version is directed by Kimberly Peirce, with Sissy Spacek’s role now filled by young ChloĆ« Grace Moretz. Whose face fills this brand new teaser poster. ScreenContinue Reading