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The Value Of Pi

“Life Of Pi” is the latest from that great cinematic chameleon Ang Lee. Could he have given us one of the year’s best films?…

Life Of Pi ‘Flying Fish’ Clip

This 1-minute clip from the highly-anticipated Ang Lee film focuses on a young Indian boy who’s stranded on a lifeboat at sea, and has to compete with a savage tiger for his supper…

First Look! Ang Lee’s Adaptation Of Bestseller Life Of Pi

Ang Lee sure likes to diversify his portfolio. The Taiwanese director has done pretty much everything from English period pieces (“Sense And Sensibility”), to arthouse-flavoured kungfu flicks (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), to superhero blockbusters (“Hulk”). Then there was the gay cowboy film. You know the one. This time, he’s got an adaptation of the veryContinue Reading