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Disney’s Enchanted Gets Sequel & Official Title

Back in 2007, Amy Adams made a big splash with “Enchanted”, Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action parody of the animated Disney Princess stereotypes. Made for US$85 million, it earned over $340 million worldwide. So it’s a big surprise that a sequel has taken this long to see any movement. Today, Collider broke the news that theContinue Reading

Tammy Trailer

This comedy is about a woman who decides to rebel against society and turn to crime after going through a really bad day…

Snitch Trailer

The Rock plays a father who tries to rescue his son from being wrongfully imprisoned by acting as an informant for the US government, to help bring down a drug cartel…

New! Viral Posters For Robot & Frank

The term “viral” is bandied about much too easily nowadays. You can’t really “do” a viral campaign, you can do a good piece of work, and then hope it goes viral through the net, or good ol’ word-of-mouth. Having said that, these new posters for the independent arthouse-ish film “Robot & Frank” are quite cool.Continue Reading

Cloud Atlas Trailer

From the creators of “The Matrix” comes quite possibly the year’s weirdest, most ambitious film, which tells a time-crossing, genre-bending epic story of love, mystery and action…

Robot & Frank Trailer

This independent film has been getting rave reviews at film festivals like Sundance. It’s set in the near future where an old man is forced by his son to be looked after by a robot…

The Wachowskis’ Sci-Fi Epic Cloud Atlas To Debut Earlier

Wow, this is certainly a surprise. While it’s usual for the Wachowski siblings to shroud their projects in secrecy, most people hardly even knew their latest film was so close to completion. So much so that the studio now plans to release it in just four months’ time. The picture above is our first andContinue Reading

First Look! Cloud Atlas Concept Art & Still

Way back in April, Electroshadow reported that Tom Hanks was starring in a new sci-fi fantasy film directed by 3 different people: Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski*. There’s been very little movement on that project, until now. Today, Han Cinema scooped a first-ever look at “Cloud Atlas”. The concept art below features a cityscape withContinue Reading