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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Teaser Trailer

This sequel sees the Kingsman headquarters destroyed and our hero Eggsy forced to team up with his American counterparts the Statesmen…

First Look! Kingsman: The Golden Circle Images

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” surprised a lot of people with just how good it was, and now it’s spawned a potential series, with the first follow-up “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” arriving this year. I’m quite curious about where they’ll go with this franchise, and today Entertainment Weekly has given us our first taste of exactlyContinue Reading

Robin Hood Reboot’s Director Talks Modern-Day Relevance

After Ridley Scott tried — and failed — to reboot Robin Hood for today’s viewers, you’d think Hollywood had learned its lesson. Nope. They’re at it again, with Lionsgate mounting a brand new retelling of the legend of the archer who stole from the rich to give to the poor. The thing is, even itsContinue Reading

Colin Firth Teases His Return In Kingsman Sequel

Spoiler Alert: Colin Firth’s character Harry Hart died in “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. And it wasn’t an offscreen death either. He had his brains blown out at point blank range by the baddie. So no one really expected him to return for the sequel “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”. But after the studio issued a posterContinue Reading

Kingsman 2 Set Pic Reveals The Return Of Fan Favourite

Ever since the studio ran a teaser poster for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” that said “Reports Of My Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated”, we kinda knew that they’d be bringing back Colin Firth’s Harry Hart. And as much as that’d be a problem for the filmmakers in trying to rationalise how a guy who got hisContinue Reading

Sing Trailer

This animated musical sees a world populated by animals, who are vying for a huge prize in a singing competition…

Kingsman 2 Title & Concept Art Revealed

I am so glad that “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is getting a sequel. There’s so much they can do with the premise and the characters. Although director Matthew Vaughn wasn’t convinced about another outing, he eventually found a way in. Speaking to Empire magazine, he said: “I didn’t know if I wanted to direct thisContinue Reading

First Look! True Underdog Story Eddie The Eagle

Brit Taron Egerton is turning out to be an actor to look out for. After getting rave reviews for his performance in “Kingsman: The Secret Service” he’s now being mentioned for a whole bunch of projects, ranging from the Han Solo standalone film to an Indiana Jones reboot. First up, he’s got a pretty interestingContinue Reading