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US Box Office Report: The Possession Stays At No1 In Weakest BO Since 2008

WEEKEND OF 7th to 9th SEPTEMBER 2012 1. THE POSSESSION (Weekend: US$9.5m / International: $3.5m) 2. LAWLESS (Weekend: US$6m / International: $1.4m) 3. THE WORDS (Weekend: US$5m / International: Not Applicable) 4. THE EXPENDABLES 2 (Weekend: US$4.7m / International: $14m) 5. THE BOURNE LEGACY (Weekend: US$4m / International: $13m) 6. PARANORMAN (Weekend: US$3.8m / International:Continue Reading

Director Search Continues For Justice League Film

Warner Brothers has been trying to get a Justice League movie off the ground for the longest time. Last year, the previously-attached director George Miller was set to do it, but then everything quickly fell apart. The project had proceeded as far as casting, but the studio suddenly got cold feet, especially over the escalatingContinue Reading

US Box Office Report: The Expendables 2 Stay On Top In Weak Field

WEEKEND OF 24th – 26th AUGUST 2012 1. THE EXPENDABLES 2 (Weekend: US$13.5m / US total: $52.3m) 2. THE BOURNE LEGACY (Weekend: US$9.3m / US total: $85.5m) 3. PARANORMAN (Weekend: US$8.5m / US total: $28.2m) 4. THE CAMPAIGN (Weekend: US$7.4m / US total: $64.5m) 5. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Weekend: US$7.1m / US total: $422.1m)Continue Reading

US Box Office Report: Bourne Beats The Dark Knight

WEEKEND OF 10th – 12th AUGUST 2012 1. THE BOURNE LEGACY (Weekend: US$40.3m / US total: $40.3m) 2. THE CAMPAIGN (Weekend: US$27.4m / US total: $27.4m) 3. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Weekend: US$19.5m / US total: $390m) 4. HOPE SPRINGS (Weekend: US$15.6m / US total: $20m) 5. DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS (Weekend:Continue Reading

US Box Office Report: Batman Defeats Total Recall

WEEKEND OF 3rd – 5th AUGUST 2012 1. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Weekend: US$36m / US total: $354m) 2. TOTAL RECALL (Weekend: US$26m / US total: $26m) 3. DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS (Weekend: US$14.7m / US total: $14.7m) 4. ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT (Weekend: US$8.4m / US total: $131.8m) 5. THE WATCHContinue Reading

US Box Office Report: The Dark Knight Rises Again

Editor’s Note: We have moved the Weekend Box Office Reports from our Facebook Page to the site. So that more people can access this information freely. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi readers! Welcome to a new addition on Electroshadow. Well, it’s not exactly new, since we’ve been doing these reports for some time now. We just decided hereContinue Reading

Hans Zimmer Composes Song For Colorado Shooting Victims

One of the best things about “The Dark Knight Rises” is the music. Hans Zimmer continues to prove he’s one of the best composers working today, and turns out he’s got a big heart as well. Following the tragic shooting incident in America 2 weeks ago, Zimmer has written and recorded a new song entitledContinue Reading

Rise And Fall

The final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is here. Does “The Dark Knight Rises” rise to the occasion, or does it fall prey to the dreaded 3rd movie curse?…