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The Dark Tower Trailer

This ambitious adaptation of the Stephen King novels sees a legendary gunslinger taking on a mysterious Man in Black over the fate of the world…

First Look! Posters For Stephen King Adaptation The Dark Tower

Fans of Stephen King’s dark fantasy/sci-fi/Western/horror epic “The Dark Tower” have been waiting a long time for a movie adaptation. After several false starts and stalled attempts, it seemed as though it would never see the light of day. But somehow, Columbia Pictures have managed to wrangle it into shape as an ambitious big-budget production.Continue Reading

First Look & Character Details Of Idris Elba In The Dark Tower

“The Dark Tower” is one of horror author Stephen King’s most popular latter-day works, so when the long-in-development big screen adaptation finally got off the ground, fans were understandably relieved. Filming is currently underway, and Entertainment Weekly was invited to the set for a chat with the stars. Idris Elba plays the fan-favourite gunslinger namedContinue Reading

Ron Howard To Direct True Murder Mystery

Director Ron Howard (“Apollo 13”) recently suffered quite an embarrassing a setback when Universal Pictures pulled out all financing for his adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”. It seems like the studio no longer believed in the project. Rather than rest on his laurels fretting, Howard has quickly moved on with another book adaptation.Continue Reading