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Animation Double Bill

This round, resident writer Marie B takes a look at two of the biggest animated films of the year-end season: The Good Dinosaur and The Peanuts Movie. Did she like them?…

First Look! Pixar Short Sanjay’s Super Team

The customary short films that come at the beginning of every Pixar feature film each try to be unique, and the one attached to “The Good Dinosaur” is a good example. “Sanjay’s Super Team” is by Pixar up & comer Sanjay Patel, who relates a personal story about his relationship with his father and aContinue Reading

The Good Dinosaur Full Trailer

Pixar’s latest animated adventure is about Arlo, a dinosaur and his pet human, a boy who helps Arlo confront his deepest fears in this prehistoric world…

The Good Dinosaur Teaser Trailer

Pixar’s 2nd release of 2015 is set in a world where dinosaurs did not go extinct, and live alongside man as his best friend, and in some cases his worst enemy…

New! Concept Art From Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur

This year, we did not get a single Pixar film. But as if to make up for it (though it’s more of a coincidence), next year we’re getting two brand new releases from the beloved animation studio. First up is “Inside Out” on 19th June, then almost exactly a year from now “The Good Dinosaur”Continue Reading

Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur Extensively Reworked, From Story To Performances

Uh oh. There’s trouble over at Pixar Studios. Again. When it was first announced that the release date of “The Good Dinosaur” would be postponed over a year from 30th May 2014 to 25th November 2015, it meant that for the first time in 8 years we would not be getting a Pixar movie. TheContinue Reading

Pixar Fires 60 Staff From Delay On The Good Dinosaur

Pixar Animation Studios has a history of creative tension within its ranks. As far back as “Toy Story 2”, they’ve gone back to the drawing board when they feel a project isn’t going in the direction it should. Other examples are “Ratatouille” and “Brave”. They’ve even gone as far as canning entire projects (“Newt”), gettingContinue Reading

First Look! Upcoming Pixar Films

Pixar has their upcoming slate for the next few years all figured out. Some of these projects are in very early stages of development, but the animation studio has already got some artwork to show off. Yesterday, ComingSoon.net received a fold-out card from Pixar which read, “Wishing you many happy adventures in 2013 and beyond!”Continue Reading