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Peter Jackson Responds To The Hobbit’s 48fps Controversy

Early reviews for “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” have been yielding some fairly expected responses from critics. Specifically, regarding the whole fuss over the higher frame-rate. As you might know, traditional film has always been shot and screened at 24 frames per second. Director Peter Jackson, at the behest of tech junkie James Cameron, decidedContinue Reading

The Hobbit Video Diary Episode 9

Director Peter Jackson takes us through the final stretch in the making of his LOTR prequel, with the post production work like visual & sound effects and music all come together…

First Listen! Official Song From The Hobbit

Neil Finn, lead singer of the NZ band Crowded House was asked to record a song for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”. The song will play during the end credits, but you don’t have to wait that long to hear it. Today, Rolling Stone previewed a first-ever listen of “The Song Of TheContinue Reading

New! 17 Character Posters For The Hobbit

If you thought the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring was a lot, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Peter Jackson’s 1st in the new prequel trilogy “The Hobbit” will have 13 dwarf companions to the lead adventurers Gandalf the Grey and titular hero Bilbo Baggins. Here’s a fresh new batch of posters featuringContinue Reading

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer 2

Peter Jackson’s first instalment in his “Hobbit” prequel trilogy gets a full trailer, featuring epic vistas, giant creatures and hungry dwarves…

New! The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Poster & Images

Following the announcement that Peter Jackson’s take on “The Lord Of The Rings” prequels will be expanded to three films, people have been asking the question: Is it too much? While Jackson is certainly the right man for the job, he does have a tendency to over-indulge his fancies, resulting in films that get aContinue Reading

The Hobbit SDCC Giant Banner & Peter Jackson Talks Shooting Extra Footage

Director Peter Jackson likes to do things on an epic scale. Which is why this gigantic banner for “The Hobbit”, unveiled at the ongoing SDCC 2012, would please him. It shows off quite a few details about the characters and situations from the film, including our first look at Beorn the Bear — a characterContinue Reading

New! The Hobbit Poster For SDCC

Peter Jackson is bringing his show to the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). After suffering some bad press from the infamous 48-frames-per-second screening controversy, the filmmaker (and studio) probably felt that it was wise to calm some of the fears and skepticism. And where better than the world-renowned geek Mecca? To announce their presence thereContinue Reading