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Voice Cast Announced For The Lego Batman Movie

“The LEGO Movie” came out of practically nowhere to dazzle both critics and audiences alike. So not only will we be getting a sequel, a spinoff focusing on the movie’s version of Batman is in the works too. Aptly titled “The LEGO Batman Movie”, it’s directed by Chris McKay, who served as animation supervisor onContinue Reading

The Lego Movie Directors To Do Han Solo Movie

Whoa, BIG news today! While Lucasfilm has confirmed that they’re not going to feature any footage from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at this weekend’s SDCC, the studio has gone ahead and dropped a big announcement anyway. “The LEGO Movie” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been officially signed on to direct a ‚ÄúStarContinue Reading

The Lego Movie Directors Talk Sequels & Spin-offs

Chris Miller and Phil Lord, directors of “The Lego Movie”, took a gamble and won. But while the studio is busy rejoicing and planning all sorts of follow-ups, the duo have (somewhat wisely) decided to take a backseat. They will be producing and writing the sequel and spin-off projects, but have chosen not to direct.Continue Reading

Everything Is Awesome!

“The Lego Movie” has taken everyone by surprise. No one was expecting a film based on a toy to be any good, but just why does this one work so well? Marie B has the answer…

Bloopers Reel For The Lego Movie

It’s official: The Lego Movie is a massive hit. In its 2nd weekend, the animated comedy has already broken the US$100 million mark, crushing all other competitors at the Box Office with ease. It’s good to see a genuinely well-made movie succeeding. If you haven’t caught it yet, make sure you do. In the meantime,Continue Reading

New! Character Posters For The Lego Movie

Who didn’t love Lego as a kid? Heck, I still love it. As you probably know by now, they’re making an animated feature film based on the beloved toy line. Simply and aptly titled “The Lego Movie”, it’ll feature all sorts of fun characters including those from pop culture. Hence the presence of Batman. Today,Continue Reading

The Lego Movie Teaser Trailer

The very first Lego big screen film features characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Ninja Turtles and celebrity voices like Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman and Will Ferrell…