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Michael Moore Takes On Donald Trump In New Documentary Film

Needless to say, when Donald Trump “won” the Presidency of the USA, the world was shocked. And his tenure in the White House has so far been contentious and controversial, to put it mildly. Which makes him a highly compelling subject for a satire film. Michael Moore has done the next best thing: a documentaryContinue Reading

First Look + Cast & Story Details: Animated Comedy Underdogs

The Weinstein Company isn’t known for family fare, let alone animated films, but now they’ve got a project in the works called “Underdogs”. Directed by Oscar-winning Argentinean Juan Jose Campanella, the full line-up of the voice cast was also announced today. And they are: Katie Holmes (“Miss Meadows”), Nicholas Hoult (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”),Continue Reading

Grace Of Monaco Delayed Over Feud Between Director & Studio

Late last year, we saw a trailer and promo pics for the Nicole Kidman-starring biopic “Grace Of Monaco”. It was due to be released back in January, but now the film’s release has been pushed back indefinitely. Why? The Weinstein Company and director Olivier Dahan have been feuding — very publicly, too — over theContinue Reading

Jet Li’s Stunt Double Was Aboard Flight MH370

Sigh. Poor Malaysia. Our nation has been having such a difficult time recently, between the political strife, the haze, the water cuts, and now the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. And with idiots crawling out of the woodwork to say and do staggeringly idiotic things, we’ve become the laughing stock of the world. WhatContinue Reading

Knight Rider To Get Big Screen Treatment

Which little boy growing up in the 80s didn’t love “Knight Rider”? It was about a man and his talking car! Sure, the show and even the concept is kinda quaint now, but back then it was the shiznit. I for one, am glad Hollywood is remaking this into a feature film. Yesterday, The LAContinue Reading

Donnie Yen & Michelle Yeoh To Star In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel

Back in January, Electroshadow reported that we’d be getting a sequel to the Ang Lee martial arts film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Since then, there’s been quite a bit of movement on the project. The Weinstein Company, who’re handling this film, today announced that production on the sequel will commence in March 2014 in Asia.Continue Reading

Escape From Planet Earth Trailer

This animated sci-fi comedy features the voice of Brendan Fraser as an alien astronaut who finds himself landing on a strange and terrifying planet — Earth!

Heather Graham & Carrie-Ann Moss To Star In Korean Thriller Remake

Hollywood’s just picked up yet another Korean film to remake. This time, it’s psychological thriller “301, 302”, which in its American guise will be retitled “Compulsion”. Dimension Films made the announcement today, along with cast and crew details. The film has just acquired two leading ladies in Heather Graham (“The Hangover”) and Carrie-Ann Moss (“TheContinue Reading