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Tomorrowland Full Trailer

George Clooney stars in this sci-fi fantasy from the director of “The Incredibles”, based on the Disneyland theme park attraction about a wondrous futuristic world…

New! Images & Poster From Brad Bird’s Sci-Fi Tomorrowland

Director Brad Bird (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”, “The Incredibles”) has a lot riding on his latest film “Tomorrowland”. If this is a success, it’ll prove his live-action credentials once and for all. Walt Disney Pictures also wants this to succeed beyond the obvious financial objectives, as this is based on their existing theme park property.Continue Reading

George Clooney Talks Tomorrowland

The on-set pic you see above is anyone’s first-ever look at the mysterious Brad Bird film called “Tomorrowland”. Details have been extremely scarce, even though a viral website has been up for some time now. But today, the sci-fi film’s star George Clooney revealed a few choice nuggets of info via Reddit: “I literally haveContinue Reading