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Colossal Trailer

Anne Hathaway stars in this crazy sic-fi-comedy about an alcoholic woman who discovers she has a psychic link to a giant monster wreaking havoc on humanity…

Fantastic Four SDCC Trailers

From SDCC comes this new footage that finally shows us the team’s powers, and a full look at the villain Dr.Doom…

New! Fantastic Four Banner & Character Posters

While the world is currently caught up in “Avengers” fever, 20th Century Fox is busy promoting “Fantastic Four”, its big superhero hopeful for the year. The latest is a banner and series of character posters that are basically a rehash of the one-sheet that debuted last month. The only new element is the Thing akaContinue Reading

Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer 2

This new trailer shows off how the Fantastic Four get their otherworldly superpowers, plus our first ever look at Doom…

New! Fantastic Four Poster & Still Images

The negativity surrounding “Batman v Superman” is nothing compared to the hatred for 20th Century Fox’s reboot of “Fantastic Four”. Between the race changes (black Johnny Storm) to the dark, almost horror-like tone (director Josh Trank is going all Cronenberg on us), fans have been against this from day one. But, ever so slowly, theContinue Reading

New! Fantastic Four Poster Reveals Team Powers

20th Century Fox’s hard reboot of “Fantastic Four” hadn’t gone down well with fans, what with all the changes. But little by little, they’re giving us hints that maybe they will honour the characters more than it seems at face value. This poster is a good example. It shows the team assembled, and there’s BenContinue Reading

First Official Stills Of Fantastic Four Emerge

Yesterday, Empire scooped some brand new stills from the highly-controversial reboot of “Fantastic Four”. And it gives us our very first glimpse of the team members in their costumes. Well, sorta. Anyone expecting the skintight blue suits of the comics is gonna be disappointed, as director Josh Trank has said he’s going for a moreContinue Reading

Fantastic Four Reboot Wraps Filming

20th Century Fox’s reboot of “The Fantastic Four” is probably the most stealthy production in ages. Apparently, director Josh Trank (“Chronicle”) has completed principal photography already. Or at least according to one of its stars, Kate Mara, who plays Invisible Girl. She posted a selfie of herself with her fellow castmembers Miles Teller, Michael B.Continue Reading