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TJ Miller Talks Star Wars Influences In Ready Player One

Comedic actor T.J. Miller (“Deadpool”) will be in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of “Ready Player One”, but his character is a brand new creation and not found in the book (written by Ernest Cline). So very little is known about Miller’s character, named i-R0k. Fandango just did an interview with him, which has shed some lightContinue Reading

The Emoji Movie Teaser Trailer

Yes, there is now a movie based on the little icons in your smartphone. And they have a secret life in the universe of apps…

Office Christmas Party Movie Clips

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in this comedy about a bunch of employees who throw an epic party in an effort to save their jobs…

Deadpool Posters Are Loaded With Inappropriate Puns

We’ll be getting a new trailer for “Deadpool” on Christmas Day. But 20th Century Fox isn’t waiting till then to continue building the buzz for their Marvel anti-hero flick. Here’s a pair of new posters that are very much in keeping with the R-rated tone of the movie, as well the the title character’s rudeContinue Reading

Video: Deadpool Teases A Treat For Sao Paolo Comic Con

Next week, Comic Con Experience Sao Paulo is happening in Brazil. It’s one of South America’s biggest conventions, and 20th Century Fox will be holding a panel there. Their main draw is of course the Marvel Comics adaptation of “Deadpool”, and star Ryan Reynolds is said to be one of the attendees. Reynolds got intoContinue Reading

Ryan Reynolds Invites Child Cancer Patient To Deadpool Set

It’s currently the “In” thing for actors who play superheroes to play that role in real life too, by visiting sick kids in hospitals and whatnot. Cynics may sneer at this being nothing more than PR stunts designed to draw attention to the stars and their movies, but they’re completely missing the point. At theContinue Reading

Deadpool Sends Mother’s Day Greetings

In an awesome change of its usual treatment of superhero properties, 20th Century Fox’s “Deadpool” continues to be promoted in a funny, smart and exciting way. The latest is in conjunction with Mother’s Day, which was celebrated yesterday around the world (except maybe in places like North Korea). The studio released a new image (above)Continue Reading

Set Pics & Video Show Deadpool In Action

Ryan Reynolds’ passion project “Deadpool” is slowly but surely winning wary fans over. After that costume reveal and the April Fool’s Day R-rating video, it’s clear that the star and the filmmaking team want to do this right. Now, we’ve got an even better look at that rather faithful suit (via Just Jared), from theContinue Reading