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The Circle Trailer

Tom Hanks and Emma Watson star in this thriller about the world’s most powerful internet company and the dark dealings behind its shiny facade…

Sully Trailer

Tom Hanks stars in this drama about a pilot who makes a water landing and is hailed a hero, only to have his handling of the incident brought under suspicion…

First Look! Hero Pilot True Story Sully

Tom Hanks has a penchant for playing real-life characters from historic events, as his last 3 major starring roles prove (“Saving Mr Banks”, “Bridge Of Spies” and “A Hologram For The King”). He’s got another one lined up called “Sully”, directed by Clint Eastwood. It’s the true story of pilot Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, who miraculouslyContinue Reading

Inferno Teaser Trailer

Tom Hanks returns as brilliant symbologist Robert Langdon, in a new mission to stop an insane billionaire from unleashing a world-ending plague…

Spielberg’s Spy Thriller Gets Title & Story Details

That image above is your first look at director Steven Spielberg’s latest effort, a dramatic espionage thriller starring Tom Hanks. The two-time Best Actor Oscar winner stars as a lawyer caught up in the case of a lifetime during the height of the Cold War. The film has just received its official title, and itContinue Reading

Tom Hanks To Star In Book Adaptation The Circle

Tom Hanks has been doing quite a few book adaptations lately. Some turn out better than others. Today, Deadline reported that Hanks is set to star in yet another one, a novel by David Eggers titled “The Circle”. This would be his 2nd Eggers project after “A Hologram for the King” directed by Tom TykwerContinue Reading

Tom Hanks & Ron Howard Returning For Da Vinci Code Sequel Inferno

Despiet the huge controversy surrounding Dan Brown’s novel “The Da Vinci Code”, the movie made enough money to justify a sequel (“Angels & Demons”). While neither film was particularly good, at least the 2nd outing was an improvement over the first one. Now, with the confirmation that director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks areContinue Reading

February Movie Roundup

We’ve got a massive line-up this month! Non-Stop! The Monumnents Men! Pompeii! Saving Mr. Banks! Philomena! And hit Malaysian film The Journey!…