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Paramount Announces Four More Transformers Movies On The Way

Awww man. After the Box Office success of “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” a 5th “Transformers” was a no-brainer. Paramount Pictures even set up a so-called “Writer’s Room” in the vein of Pixar and Marvel Studios’ brain trust of people who control the quality of the output. This bunch of geniuses (led by veteran screenwriter AkivaContinue Reading

New Male Lead Cast In Transformers 4

Following the announcement late last year that Mark Wahlberg had signed on for “Transformers 4”, a new cast member has been confirmed. Newcomer Jack Raynor is set to play the lead in Michael Bay’s next giant robots sequel. The director himself issued a statement on his official site: “I just hired a great new actorContinue Reading

Michael Bay Responds To Hugo Weaving’s Comments About His “Meaningless” Transformers Role

Hugo Weaving’s been in the news recently, but not for reasons he’d like. After recently¬†admitting to Collider that he has no interest in reprising his role as the Red Skull in any further “Captain America” flicks, he’s now spoken up (in that same interview) about his work on the “Transformers” franchise. Weaving provided the voiceContinue Reading

An Uphill Battle

“Battleship” is being scoffed at for many things. For being based on a boardgame. For being a Transformers copycat. Can it rise above its poor image?…

Electroshadow Visits Universal Studios Singapore

Because we got bored of Sunway Lagoon and Genting, we headed across the causeway to Asia’s newest, hottest theme park. Is it any good?…