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The Need For Speed Teaser Trailer

Based on the hit video game, this stars Aaron Paul of TV’s “Breaking Bad” in a street racing actioner to rival the “Fast & Furious” franchise…

Silent Hill Revelation Trailer

This sequel to the 2006 horror based on the hit video game sees a young girl plagued by visions of the demonic town…

First Look! Resident Evil Retribution

Screen Gems keeps giving money to auteur of the awful Paul W.S. Anderson to keep churning out barely-watchable crap. For some inexplicable reason, his movies keep turning a decent profit. I suppose the studio has a business model that works: make it for cheap, retain the core creative team, and don’t stray too far fromContinue Reading

Videogame Uncharted Will Be A Movie

I’ve never played “Uncharted”, so I have no opinion on it. I heard that it’s pretty engaging, sort of a male Lara Croft action-adventure platformer. Naturally, Hollywood seized on the film rights to the property, with a mind to build a new franchise. The studio is Sony Pictures, and the deal they’ve struck with gameContinue Reading