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CHiPS Trailer

Michael Pena stars in this R-rated action-comedy remake of the 70s cop TV show, here with the cops reimagined as bumbling fools…

The Magnificent Seven Character Featurettes

The remake of the classic Western sees 7 character featurettes that reveal their respective talents and personalities…

The Magnificent Seven Full Trailer

Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt lead a ragtag team of misfits against a huge army of marauders descending on a small town…

Jurassic Jumble

“Jurassic World” is a cross between a sequel and a reboot that sees the infamous dinosaur theme park finally open. Is it trying to do too much?…

Marvel Congratulates Jurassic World For Beating The Avengers At Box Office

“Jurassic World” premiered over the weekend, and it confounded all expectations to make a whopping $200.8 million at the US Box Office and just over US$500 million worldwide. That’s in just 3 days! That amount was enough to topple the all-time best opening weekend record held by Marvel’s “The Avengers” back in 2012 ($207.4m). EverContinue Reading

Colin Trevorrow Not Returning To Direct Jurassic World Sequel

The 4th movie in the “Jurassic Park” franchise is due to premiere in just 2 weeks’ time, and the cast & crew have already started their press tour to promote the movie. One surprising revelation to come out of the interviews is that the director Colin Trevorrow will not be back to direct the inevitableContinue Reading

Jurassic World Director Compares Dinosaur Villain To Modern Blockbusters

Though I have a strong feeling “Jurassic World” will be more of the same, there is one aspect the makers are trying hard to distinguish from the predecessors. And that is having a major villain in the form of a dinosaur. In this case, it’s a hybrid monster named Indominus Rex. Director Colin Trevorrow seesContinue Reading

Jurassic World Viral Video 3

This video clip takes us into the high-tech labs of In-Gen, the company that made the dinosaurs of Jurassic World. Its scientists assure us that they will never make the same mistakes of the past…