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Collateral Beauty Trailer

Will Smith stars in this drama about a man whose friends launch a crazy plan to help him recover from a personal tragedy…

Director Joe Carnahan Talks Bad Boys 3

“Bad Boys” was one of Michael Bay’s earliest — and best — movies. The 1995 actioner also launched Will Smith’s career. It took eight years for them to do a follow-up, by which time, many of Bay’s worst habits as a filmmaker (that he would exhibit in the “Transformers” franchise) had started to emerge. AfterContinue Reading

Suicide Squad Trailer 2

Brand new footage reveals the group dynamics, more Harley Quinn moments, and a certain Caped Crusader joining in the action…

Common Says Suicide Squad Is A Comicbook Movie Unlike Any Other

Rapper-turned-actor Common (Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr) has done both big blockbuster roles (“Terminator: Salvation”) as well as some serious dramatic stuff (“Selma”). But according to him, he’s never done anything quite like “Suicide Squad”. And we the audience are going to be quite unprepared for what’s in store for us. Of course, it’s normal forContinue Reading

New! Tattoo Designs For Members Of Suicide Squad

Warner Bros. Pictures is taking an unusual approach to the marketing for their DC Comics adaptation of “Suicide Squad”. Seeing as how it’s a group of villains, the studio is having fun playing up the less than savoury aspects. Case in point, today a bunch of “flash tattoos” were released online, each one representing aContinue Reading

Suicide Squad Full Trailer

DC Comics’ baddest baddies ever assemble in this 2nd trailer, and it’s packed with awesome character moments, great visuals and a scene-staling Harley Quinn…

New! First Suicide Squad Posters Debut

The new trailer for “Suicide Squad” is coming in a couple days’ time, and to prep us, Warner Bros has released a series of posters for their DC super villains movie. It’s not your typical Photoshopped floating heads. Commissioning actual artwork in this day and age is rare, so that’s already a plus for theContinue Reading

New Pics Showcase The Members Of Suicide Squad

USA Today scooped some brand new pics of the DC Comics supervillain teacup “Suicide Squad”, as well as some quotes from director David Ayer. When asked about the film’s main antagonist, Ayer was a little evasive. But he cryptically said that Jaret Leto is “the king of Planet Joker.” He also talked about Ben Affleck’sContinue Reading