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New! Character Posters For Thor The Dark World

Character posters these days are a damn sight better than the One Sheet versions, simply because there are no ugly floating head designs and sloppy compositions. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean character posters are automatically great works of art. They just generally suck less. Having said that, this fresh batch of posters to promote theContinue Reading

Director Alan Taylor Discusses How Thor Is Different In Sequel

“Thor” was one of the hardest sells Marvel Studios ever had to make to a mainstream, non-geek audience. It could very easily have turned out campy and silly, but director Kenneth Branagh and team turned out a highly-watchable and surprisingly emotionally-resonant film. Now that the hard part’s been dealt with, the studio can go aContinue Reading

New! Thor The Dark World Posters

Marvel Studio’s artwork for their films generally tends to be a little safe and predictable. The posters for the “Thor” sequel is no different. The studio today issued some new promo material, including a pair of character-focused posters. These are much better than the one-sheet, as they have a more iconic feel to them. There’sContinue Reading

Thor: The Dark World Featurette

Go behind the scenes of the “Thor” sequel, as the director and his cast discuss the making of a grander, more ambitious film…

Director Alan Taylor Reveals Thor 2 Going Into Additional Reshoots To Beef Up Loki’s Role

Looks like we’re going to get more Loki than was originally planned in the upcoming “Thor: The Dark World”. A few weeks back, the sequel’s stars Kat Dennings and Jamie Alexander confirmed reports that the production was headed back for reshoots. Now we know exactly what they’re shooting: more scenes involving the God of MischiefContinue Reading

Thor: The Dark World Full Trailer

This full trailer expands the scope and reveals the full threat of the Dark Elves as they systematically attack the Nine Realms. And Loki seems to be the only one with some kind of valuable inside info on how to stop them…

Video: Loki Introduces Thor Sequel At SDCC

Ah, everybody loves Loki. How can you not love a villain who loves a bit of fun and mischief every now and then? Granted, in the movies, he’s been reduced mostly to a regular old bad guy. But thanks to Tom Hiddleston’s brilliant performance, the character has so much more life to him. Speaking ofContinue Reading

New! Thor The Dark World Images

Today, we’ve got a fresh batch of still from the sequel, and things are looking quite promising. I’m liking the design of “Thor: The Dark World”. Especially the Dark Elves, who wear some seriously creepy battle masks. Those black eyeholes are such a simple yet effective way of conveying evil. Director Alan Taylor, who’s noContinue Reading