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New Tactical Batsuit Revealed For Justice League

Ben Affleck’s Batman went from one of the most protested to one of the most beloved. Design-wise, the Batsuit in “Batman v Superman” was simply perfect. But as we all know, every subsequent superhero movie always features at least one new suit. Gotta think of the merchandising, after all. Shooting is still underway at LeavesdenContinue Reading

Video: Justice League Cast Speak Out For Environmental Cause

Recently, Mel Gibson said some pretty disparaging things about superhero movies, particularly “Batman v Superman”. He called it “Shit”, and said that real superheroes don’t wear spandex. In real life, they’re the men and women who risk their lives for others or stand up for what’s right. Well, isn’t that what superheroes do? It’s aContinue Reading

Henry Cavill Teases Black Superman Costume

So, SPOILER ALERT, Superman is dead. Kal-El valiantly sacrificed himself to save everyone in “Batman v Superman”, but frankly, nobody was expecting him to stay dead. Which is why Henry Cavill has been allowed to tease his character’s return in “Justice League”. Today, the Brit actor took to Instagram to post a new photo. ItContinue Reading

Man Of Steel 2 Now Officially In The Works

So much for critical bashing for Warner Bros Pictures’ DC Comics films. The studio is not only moving full steam ahead with their tentpole properties like “Justice League” and the risky solo stuff like “Aquaman”, they’re now back on track to make a follow-up to “Man Of Steel”. When the first movie did only aboveContinue Reading

JK Simmons Talks Commissioner Gordon In Justice League

No matter what they say officially, Warner Bros must secretly be disappointed at the critical bashing “Batman v Superman” received, and its relatively so-so underperformance at the Box Office (US$827 million worldwide so far). But that’s not stopping them from forging ahead with their plans for the DC Extended Universe. Next up is “Justice League:Continue Reading

Batman v Superman v Criticman

Zack Snyder’s superhero epic has been mercilessly ripped apart by critics & fanboys. Now we take them on in a massive duel of opinions!…

JK Simmons To Play Commissioner Gordon In Justice League

One of the best things about Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” trilogy was JK Simmons as tyrannical/comical newspaper editor J. Jonah Jameson. Now, the Oscar-winning actor will be going back to the superhero genre, but not for Marvel. The Hollywood Reporter today broke the news that Simmons has signed on to appear in the DC Comics adaptationContinue Reading

Zack Snyder Talks No-Win Situation For Superman In Batman v Superman

One of the most prevalent criticisms about “Man Of Steel” was that Superman didn’t give a shit about the loss of life during his battle with Zod in Metropolis. Well, that’s just a stupid accusation, but it seems like even the filmmakers themselves have embraced it, in order to come up with a premise forContinue Reading