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Steven Spielberg To Direct Sci-Fi Adaptation Ready Player One

When Steven Spielberg does science-fiction, the results aren’t always great, especially when he veers too far from the source material (“War Of The Worlds”). Let’s hope with his latest sojourn into the genre, he’ll play by the book. Literally. Today, Warner Brothers Pictures and Village Roadshow announced that Spielberg will be directing and producing aContinue Reading

Pacific Rim 2 Officially Announced

After the lacklustre US Box Office performance of “Pacific Rim”, a sequel was a question mark. Fortunately, the global earnings to the tune of $411 million salvaged the studio’s pride enough to warrant a sequel. Earlier this month, director Guillermo del Toro revealed that he’d already begun writing the script with Zak Penn. Now, LegendaryContinue Reading

Guillermo Del Toro Starting Work On Pacific Rim 2

Despite “Pacific Rim” not doing great business at the Box Office (US411 million worldwide on a budget of $190m), Legendary Pictures appears to be backing director Guillermo del Toro’s bid to make a sequel. Today, he spoke to Buzzfeed and revealed that work has already begun on a follow-up to the giant robots vs giantContinue Reading