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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Red-Band Trailer

Oscar winner Frances McDormand stars in this hilariously foul-mouthed comedy from the director of the brilliant “In Bruges”. Warning: Lots of swearing and violence ahead!…

New! Argo Character Posters

Ben Affleck is carving a strong reputation as a filmmaker. His latest directorial effort “Argo” played for critics at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month to very positive reviews. Some are even calling it a Best Picture contender come awards season. I’m not surprised, really. His last two films already established what AffleckContinue Reading

New! Seven Psychopaths Viral & Character Posters

Martin McDonagh, whose last film “In Bruges” got a whole lot of acclaim even if it didn’t do too well at the Box Office, might have another critical favourite on his hands. “Seven Psychopaths” has been getting pretty positive reviews, the most recent being at the Toronto International Film Festival. While it’s unlikely to becomeContinue Reading

Seven Psychopaths Trailer

From the writer-director of the brilliant “In Bruges” comes another black comedy, about a bunch of petty criminals who kidnap a mob boss’s dog…

Argo Trailer

Ben Affleck stars in and directs this thriller based on the true story of a CIA team who pose as a Hollywood film crew to rescue hostages in Iran…

First Look! Ben Affleck’s Hostage Thriller Argo

By now, Ben Affleck has earned enough respect from critics and the moviegoing public that the words “A Ben Affleck Film” isn’t instantly scoffed at. His latest project “Argo”, has been met with a healthy level of interest, also due in part to the fascinating subject matter. Check out the story synopsis below: “Based onContinue Reading