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First Look! John Boyega In Pacific Rim Sequel

Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” wasn’t the Box Office behemoth that Legendary Pictures had hoped. But it made enough money (thanks to China) to warrant a sequel. But del Toro chose not to direct, and so there’s fresh blood both behind and in front of the camera. Taking over from Idris Elba is fellow BritContinue Reading

New! Rise Of The Legend Character Posters

The recent crop of martial arts flicks coming out of Hong Kong and China have been lackluster and at worst, unwatchable. There are a few exceptions, like “Unbeatable”, which featured upcoming young actor Eddie Peng. He’s now taking the lead role in “Rise Of The Legend”, a new origin story about one of China’s mostContinue Reading

Rise Of The Legend Trailer

Eddie Peng stars as the legendary kung fu master Wong Fei Hoong, and his rise to fame as a folk hero in ancient China…

First Look! Kung Fu Legend Wong Fei Hoong’s Rebooted Origin Story

The Hong Kong/Chinese film industry hasn’t been going as all-out with the remakes/reboots, but there are a few. And if any property deserves a fresh take, it is the legendary Chinese martial arts master and healer, Wong Fei Hoong. Director Roy Chow (“Nightfall”) is taking on a remake called “Rise Of The Legend”, with risingContinue Reading

The Grandmaster Full Trailer

Arthouse director Wong Kar Wai’s long-delayed biopic of the legendary kung fu master Ip Man, played by Tony Leung, is finally ready. Here’s a look at the awesome cinematography and fight scenes…