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Batman v Superman v Criticman

BvS Rev thumb

Zack Snyder’s superhero epic has been mercilessly ripped apart by critics & fanboys. Now we take them on in a massive duel of opinions!…

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Deadpool Reviews Deadpool

DeadpoolRev thumb

The self-aware anti-hero hijacks Electroshadow to give us his own opinion on the movie he’s starring in! What does the Merc with a Mouth have to say?…

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Malaysia Boleh

OleBola thumb

“Ola Bola” is based on the incredible true story of how Malaysia’s football team qualified for the 1980 Olympics. But how does it work as a film in its own right?…

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Top 10 Best Films Of 2015

Best2015 thumb

We weigh in on the past year’s most outstanding examples of Cinema. Some are mainstream favourites, others are arthouse darlings, all are brilliant…

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Heavy Bubbles!

HeavyBubbles thumb

Humour: The world’s strongest man has got an awesome new product that will blow your puny little minds!…

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Margot Robbie’s An American Psycho!

Robbie thumb

Geek World: Watch the gorgeous Aussie star re-enact a scene from the 1987 cult film…

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Star Wars In Emojis!

SWemojis thumb

Geek World: Can’t be bothered to watch a 2-hour movie? Watch it in just 3 minutes, using those ever-popular chat icons…

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Burger King’s Single Fries!

SingleFries thumb

Humour: Burger King France came up with an ingenious idea for those who love French Fries but hate excess!…

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Moviegoing Around The World: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne thumb

Electroshadow goes Down Under for a trip back to a bygone era, with this city’s oldest surviving single-screen cinema. We are both charmed by its old world beauty and saddened by its doomed future…

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Electroshadow Visits Halloween Horror Nights 4

HHN4 thumb

We took a trip down south to check out Universal Studios Singapore’s annual celebration of terror, in conjunction with the Halloween season!…

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Electroshadow Visits Disney’s Pixar In Concert

Pixar Concert thumb

Electroshadow contributor Marie B got all dressed up to check out the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra playing the music of Pixar Studios’ classic films…

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Moviegoing Around The World: Bangkok, Thailand

Moviegoing Bkk thumb

Our next stop is the Land of Smiles, where we discuss military coups, awesome popcorn, and nudity! But how does this city measure up as an international moviegoing destination?

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  • Pacman: More likely something, as in she'll appear late on in a small but crucial role. At least that's what... See more »
  • Wai: Pacman: Hey, whaddya know. You're right. Rapace has just been confirmed for a small role in this. Me... See more »
  • Wai: Barkley: I don't think it will. My guess however, is that it might get a tad too serious and clutter... See more »
  • Wai: Sammimosa: I don't think so. See more »
  • Pacman: Have a gut feeling Noomi Rapace will be in the movie but in an uncredited role, though I could be mi... See more »