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Jurassic Jumble

JWRev thumb

“Jurassic World” is a cross between a sequel and a reboot that sees the infamous dinosaur theme park finally open. Is it trying to do too much?…

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May Movie Roundup


We examine the month’s biggest releases! George Clooney sci-fi “Tomorrowland”! Action-comedy “Spy”! And The Rock vs earthquakes in “San Andreas”!…

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Mad To The Max

MadMax Rev thumb

Is “Mad Max: Fury Road” the craziest movie of the year? Definitely. But could there be real substance beneath the insane visuals, relentless car chases and mind-blowing stunts? We take a long, hard look…

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April Movie Roundup


The month saw some surprisingly solid films like “Fast & Furious 7″, Ethan Hawke military drama “Good Kill”, and war film with giant aliens “Monsters: Dark Continent”…

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Chris Pratt Gets Dino Pranked!

PrattDino thumb

Humour: The star of “Jurassic World” gets the fright of his life when he’s ambushed by a pair of ‘live’ dinosaurs!

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Taking The Plunge!

TakingPlunge thumb

Geek World: This Pixar-like animated short features a man trying to find his lost engagement ring, with the help of a cute baby octopus…

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Redneck Avengers!

Redneck Av thumb

Humour: The folks from Bad Lip Reading Re-dub Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as a bunch of hillbillies! And it’s hilarious!…

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Little Chewie!

Chewdogga thumb

WTF Pix: What did Chewbacca look like when he was a mere pup? We have the photographic evidence!…

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Moviegoing Around The World: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne thumb

Electroshadow goes Down Under for a trip back to a bygone era, with this city’s oldest surviving single-screen cinema. We are both charmed by its old world beauty and saddened by its doomed future…

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Electroshadow Visits Halloween Horror Nights 4

HHN4 thumb

We took a trip down south to check out Universal Studios Singapore’s annual celebration of terror, in conjunction with the Halloween season!…

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Electroshadow Visits Disney’s Pixar In Concert

Pixar Concert thumb

Electroshadow contributor Marie B got all dressed up to check out the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra playing the music of Pixar Studios’ classic films…

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Moviegoing Around The World: Bangkok, Thailand

Moviegoing Bkk thumb

Our next stop is the Land of Smiles, where we discuss military coups, awesome popcorn, and nudity! But how does this city measure up as an international moviegoing destination?

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