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Super Soldier

Cap2 Rev thumb

After two not so super cinematic outings, does Capt Steve Rogers finally get the movie he deserves in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”?…

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February Movie Roundup


We’ve got a massive line-up this month! Non-Stop! The Monumnents Men! Pompeii! Saving Mr. Banks! Philomena! And hit Malaysian film The Journey!…

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Scorsese’s Big Bad Wolf

The Wolf rev thumb

Foreign contributor Dennis Perez is back with his take on Martin Scorsese’s latest Oscar hopeful “The Wolf Of Wall Street”. Is this deserving of the acclaim?…

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Everything Is Awesome!

LegoMovie Rev thumb

“The Lego Movie” has taken everyone by surprise. No one was expecting a film based on a toy to be any good, but just why does this one work so well? Marie B has the answer…

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Geek Birthday Cakes!

GeekCake thumb

Geek World: When geeks celebrate their day of birth, they do it in yummy, calorific style!…

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Cardboard Iron Man!

Cardboard IM thumb

Geek World: Tony Stark ain’t got nothin’ on this kid from Taiwan, who made his own suit of Iron Man armour from household scraps…

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Arnie Says Get To Da Chopper!

Arnie Choppah thumb

Humour: Why is Arnold so obsessed with a certain type of cutting gadget on his new cooking show?…

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Superman With A GoPro!

SupermanGoPro thumb

Geek World: Want to see what Superman sees when he goes up, up & away? This cool fan-made video puts us right in the action…

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Great Horses In Cinema

Horse thumb

It’s the Year Of The Horse! To celebrate, Electroshadow takes a look at some of the greatest equine characters to gallop across the silver screen…

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Electroshadow Is Three!

Electro 3

It’s our 3rd Anniversary! We reflect on our successes and milestones, and take the celebration to you with some awesome prizes!…

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Moviegoing Around The World: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul thumb

In this new series, Electroshadow gives you a first-hand account of what it’s like to watch movies in different countries. First stop: the Land of Kimchi!…

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Electroshadow Visits Star Trek: The Exhibition

TrekExh thumb

Wai and Marie B boldly go to the National Science Centre, on a mission to discover a new exhibition featuring one of pop culture’s biggest, most enduring franchises…

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