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Top 10 Best Films Of 2014

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Some highly-acclaimed works did not end up on Electroshadow’s list of most outstanding films, while some that did might surprise you. They sure surprised us. Here’s our pick of the year’s best…

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Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2014

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Electroshadow braved through a flood of bad movies last year. Some were so awful we had to write about them just to get them out of our system! Presenting the worst of the worst…

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November Movie Roundup


We review the month’s biggest releases! Chinese kung fu epic “Rise Of The Legend”! The 2nd last “Hunger Games”! Keanu’s revenge actioner “John Wick”! And comedy sequel “Horrible Bosses 2″!…

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Nolan Reaches For The Stars

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“Interstellar” is a very ambitious sci-fi adventure from one of the most influential and popular filmmakers of today. Does it live up to his lofty aspirations?…

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Live PR Stunt: The Kingsman Upgrade!

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Geek World: A UK cinema chain gave patrons a very memorable experience before a screening of the new spy thriller “Kingsman: The Secret Service”…

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Movies Of 2014 Mashup!

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Geek World: All the major cinematic releases of the year are revisited in this cool supercut mashup music video…

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A Marvel Christmas Carol!

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Humour: Here’s a musical holiday greeting from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy!…

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Darth Vader vs Batman!

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Geek World: Ever wondered who would win in a fight between the Dark Knight and the Dark Lord of the Sith? Find out in this cool video!…

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Moviegoing Around The World: Melbourne, Australia

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Electroshadow goes Down Under for a trip back to a bygone era, with this city’s oldest surviving single-screen cinema. We are both charmed by its old world beauty and saddened by its doomed future…

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Electroshadow Visits Halloween Horror Nights 4

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We took a trip down south to check out Universal Studios Singapore’s annual celebration of terror, in conjunction with the Halloween season!…

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Electroshadow Visits Disney’s Pixar In Concert

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Electroshadow contributor Marie B got all dressed up to check out the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra playing the music of Pixar Studios’ classic films…

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Moviegoing Around The World: Bangkok, Thailand

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Our next stop is the Land of Smiles, where we discuss military coups, awesome popcorn, and nudity! But how does this city measure up as an international moviegoing destination?

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  • Pacman: As-yet untitled, eh? How about 'Star Trek: The Search for Paul'? See more »
  • Felton: Real sucky Lego Movie wasn't nominated. Two animes from the same jap studio, c'mon. At least it won ... See more »
  • Wai: Derek Leong: You're welcome, it does need more love as it was criminally ignored at the Box Office. ... See more »
  • Sagat: I downloaded Boyhood because of all the awards its been winning. Pleasant sweet movie but nothing sp... See more »
  • Julian Dellamorte: You HAVE to watch Birdman, Wai. It is a towering work of art (corny to use that term but it's fittin... See more »